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Binance.US provides institutional grade crypto products and services for market makers, hedge funds, family offices, algorithmic traders, and more.

The diversified digital asset platform for institutions. Trade crypto with confidence and ease.

The White Glove Crypto Solution Built for Businesses

Binance.US is a leading digital asset marketplace regulated in the United States. We know that institutions deal with complex, high-stakes requirements. Our VIP team helps institutions navigate priority onboarding, funding, and execution—every step of the way.

Simplified Trading for Institutions

For our market makers, algorithmic traders, and proprietary traders, Binance.US strives to provide the right tools for you to leverage.
A competitive volume-based fee structure
Top tier matching engine endurance tested to maintain optimal uptime
Dynamic API integrations - WebSocket, REST, WAPI

Trading API

Gain access to real-time market data with our Websocket feed. Develop secure, programmatic trading bots with our trading API. We offer a dynamic fee structure with lower fees for higher volume trading so you can trade more—with confidence.

Institutional Grade Services

For our hedge funds, family offices, endowments, VCs, corporate treasuries, and HNW clients—Binance.US provides multiple execution venues for large block size positions to make trading easy for your customers. And when you need assistance, our 24/7 customer support team has you covered.
Seamless Fiat on/off ramps with direct SEN connectivity with FDIC coverage for USD
Diverse liquidity with 50+ assets and 100+ pairs through our order books
Self service via an intuitive RFQ system with 24/7 customer support

OTC Trading Portal

Enter block size positions without touching our order books with our OTC Trading Portal. We offer numerous digital assets with our RFQ system that’s monitored by our VIP coverage team. Have personalized requests? The team is here for you.

Digital Asset Partners

Binance.US offers streamlined staking services for our institutional clients. Clients can earn rewards for supported chains by simply holding coins in their Binance.US account.
Stress-free staking: hold your PoS coins, and we’ll handle all the technical requirements
Monthly staking rewards that are distributed automatically
Accessible execution points for all workflows

Listing on Binance.US

Do you have a project you want to list on Binance.US? Complete our Listing Questionnaire. We will review and evaluate your responses against our Digital Asset Risk Assessment Framework.

The Listing Questionnaire is just one of the steps in our listing process. A project's completion of the Listing Questionnaire will not be deemed, held, or construed as creating a business relationship between Binance.US, its affiliates, and the project.

Binance.US Institutional

Apply for a Binance.US Institutional Account now and get access to priority onboarding, 24/7 account management, access to our OTC trading portal, and more.